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Dusseldorf is gaining a top residential location. Directly on the lake and right in the city, at the intersection of Heerdt and Oberkassel, a lively neighbourhood with exclusive owner-occupied apartments is taking shape. It is a place that artfully combines the best of green living with city life, comfort with convenience, and architecture with nature. The architects on board are Hadi Teherani and HPP Architekten, but the lake is the real star of the show. Get to know the place that will soon be your new home: PANDION ALBERTUSSEE.

“What’s taking shape here is a lot more than a new residential district. It’s a lively neighbourhood for everyone. Green, relaxing, and yet urban. That’s PANDION ALBERTUSSEE!”

Reinhold Knodel, CEO of PANDION AG


Lakeside future

The neighbourhood as a VR experience.

Discover PANDION ALBERTUSSEE with our virtual panorama tour.

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Lakeside homes.

Find your new home.

All the apartments, all the possibilities, all the details. Welcome to your new home.

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Lakeside style.

Lakeside life by Hadi Teherani.

Unique architecture in a unique location. Get to know the architects and their signature styles.

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Lakeside living.

Lakeside life by HPP Architekten.

Built on experience and ideas. Learn more about the architects and their plans.

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Lakeside variety.

Gaze into the future.

Environmentally friendly, e-mobile, sustainable, and bursting with innovation: it’s a neighbourhood that’s already thinking about tomorrow.

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Lakeside city lifestyle.

Get into the lakeside mindset.

Hello Heerdt. Hello Oberkassel. The new neighbourhood will enrich your life.

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Lakeside transformation.

Listen to stories of the past. And the future.

What was this place before? What is happening now, and how far along is the construction? All you need to know about the history, facts, and construction progress.

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Lakeside opportunities.

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Invest in the future: an exclusive apartment in Dusseldorf is always easy to rent out.

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